The Mail Art Seeds Project
Last Update: 20 June 2004

I was randomly selected to participate in an installation art project. These seeds came to me in the mail completely by surprise. I planted them June 20, 2004, and will post pictures as stuff happens. Comments? Write me at b e t s y p r e s t o n @ y a h o o . c o m (remove spaces between letters).

Here's a message that came with the seeds:
Do you consider flowers art? What is your definition of art?
How does art affect your daily life?
Do you try to make a difference in our world, however small?
In what way(s)?
Do you think this is a crazy idea?
Let me know about it?
A R T I N M Y M A I L B O X @ Y A H O O . C O M (remove spaces between letters)

June 20, 2004


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